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Keys To English - Learn english in Broward County Florida and Palm Beach County

English language tutor offering personalized instruction to individuals and businesses in New Haven and Fairfield County.

Keys to English helps unlock the possibilities. Learning a new language is challenging, but with Keys to English your instructor guides you through the process. First, you will be given an assessment to determine your level of language acquisition. Next, you will take a needs evaluation to find out your purpose for learning English as well as your strengths and weaknesses. After, your instructor will plan creative, interesting and effective lessons using resources from over a decade worth of experience and knowledge on the subject of learning English as a Second Language (ESL).

Lessons are held at your home or a local library study room to provide comfort and convenience for you. The number of hours of instruction and schedule is flexible to fit the student’s needs. Periodic assessments will monitor and check to make sure that the lessons are adequately meeting your language goals.

Keys to English serves all of New Haven and Fairfield County Connecticut.
Special discounts available for students who purchase multiple hour packages per week.
Give yourself the gift of becoming a proficient English speaker. Contact Keys to English today.

About Me

About Me - Keys To English - Learn english in New Haven and Fairfield County


“You are a very positive person in every way. I love the way that you are smiling like the sun. You are always happy and friendly to everyone. Your lessons were always instructive and interesting.” - Jennifer from Germany

“I think you have many special things in your personality like: Patience, insisting to explain over and over for students if they didn't understand, friendly to students from different cultures, open minded with students, we felt comfortable in your classes because you accept any opinions with respect.” – Mohammed from Saudi Arabia

“You were the best teacher in the whole school- no in all the states! When we had discussions, you made our class very easygoing and interesting to see into other cultures. You were always motivated and I didn't have the feeling that you were my teacher- you were more like a friend, but that didn't exclude your professionalism.” – Laura from Switzerland


Contact Me - Keys To English - Learn english in Broward County Florida and Palm Beach County

p: 203-710-4999